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This machine is a combination developed by Filber of the JUMA and GAIN models.

The magnetic roll GAIN model is fitted to the filtering fabric JUMA model. The great advantage of this model is that the cooling liquid first passes through the GAIN magnetic separator, which eliminates most of the particles, and then passes through the JUMA filtering fabric, thereby achieving perfect cleanliness and, at the same time, reducing fabric consumption by about 90% which, in turn, reduces significantly the cost of the production process.

Advantages of JUMA + GAIN

  • Optimised to separate steel impurities, magnetic chips and any kind of ferric particles.
  • Double filtering that guarantees a perfect cleanliness – first impurities go through the magnetic separator and then through the filtering fabric – and a better keeping of the elements of the industrial equipment.
  • Cost reduction on cooling liquids, cutting oils or lubricants, as you only need to replace the evaporated amount.
  • Savings on the production process: reduce filtering fabric consumption.
  • Make the most out of your lubricant (up to 8 reuses)
  • Improve your production process by drastically reducing machine downtime for the cleaning of tanks, gaining profitability in your production process.

Technical specifications

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Pumps, filters… all of it of the utmost quality.

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